Friday, 17 May 2013

How To Deal With Exam Stress

Right fellow bloggers,

it's finally that time of year again... YAAAAY (slight hint of sarcasm)

it's exam season! 
So if you're from the UK, you'll know that final exams start mid May & near the end of June. But if you aren't from the UK, then this may or may not be useful.

Exam season can also be a very stressful time, so here are some top tips to help with revision and stress:

1. Revise!

Revision is the biggest guidance to achieving the higher grades at GCSE or A Levels, so make sure you do actually do SOME revision. Whether it's using textbooks, writing out the important information, going back into school/college for revision sessions, any revision is good revision

2. Prioritize! 

Make sure you prioritize between your exams, social life, school/college & family. So to deal with that, create a revision timetable, where you can prioritize your time between when each exam is, what exam to revise for and when to do all the other stuff that's important in your life as well.

3. Limit yourself!

Try to limit yourself to a certain amount of hours a day when revising, especially if you revise in a big chunk of hours... if you revise for 4 hours a day, make sure you have at least 2, half an hour breaks throughout your revision schedule, as overloading your brain is really bad for you as it can dehydrate you and give you bad headaches.

4. Have A Day To Yourself!

Once a week, have a day to yourself, where you take a day off from revision and do activities that keep your stress free. Activities such as: a day trip, a warm bubble bath, a spa day, watching a film, basically, anything you enjoy that takes your mind off things for a while.

5. Ask For Help!

If you don't understand anything whilst you're revising, instead of piling it on yourself and stressing, ASK for help, whether it's from a teacher, a family member, a friend etc, ask because  then it'll make sense to you and then so will your revision.

So there are my 5 top tips for you, I hope they help you as much as they help me & good luck with your final exams. 

Until next time,

- Katie. x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Greetings fellow bloggers,

So, as I newbie to the world of Blogspot, I thought I'd do a quick 25 things about me introduction...

So here goes nothing;

1. I am sixteen years old
2. I'm currently in year 11, which for me, is the last year of school
3. I'm never normally without my phone and/or iPod
4. I've taken 11 different subjects for GCSE including English Literature, English IGCSE, English Language, Maths, Double Science, Info Tech, RE, Spanish, History & Drama
5. I've had braces for 3 years and 1 month
6. Whenever you see me at home, I usually have my head stuck in a book with my headphones in
7. I actually like school
8. I love to write
9. English, Biology and Drama are my favourite subjects
10. I'm taking Psychology, History, Biology & Drama for my AS/A2 levels at college
11. I love to sing
12. I currently work in an ice cream parlour
13. I can't cook to save my life... seriously, ask anyone whom I've had Food Tech with...
14. I'd like to be a clinical psychologist when I grow up
15. I'd also like to live in London
16. I love to travel - mostly on cruise liners
17. I have a younger sister
18. I took French for almost 11 years and I still know nothing
19. Zoella is most definitely my favourite blogger so far
20. I stress A LOT over the smallest of things
21. I also swear a lot.. (my bad)
22. Aussie shampoo is the best thing I have ever bought
23. Whenever I have an exam, I always end up writing out the textbook again and then sticking the important facts on my wall
24. I'm probably the weirdest person you will ever meet, as I'm always doing/saying the weirdest things
25. Wonderstruck is my favourite perfume, I absolutely love it.