Friday, 14 June 2013

Leavers Day

Bonjour bloggers of the world,

Today I had the last couple of exams to complete, which was frustrating as today was also my last official day of compulsory key stage education, which I am actually distraught about, as I genuinely do like school and my teachers. But what sucks even more about day, is that it wasn't even our official leavers day. That was over 3 weeks ago, when we were rudely kicked out of school by our headmistress, as she was trying to avoid our march. For you of whom don't know what the tradition is, basically we meet at a single area to walk to school as a year group, on the last day to celebrate. But our bitch of a headmistress didn't want that to happen due to last years issues, so unfortunately for us, we had to suffer the consequences. However, unluckily for her, we rebelled and did the march anyways & just to piss her off, we made it 10 times worse. Payback is a bitch mwuhahaha. It still sucks though that we didn't get a proper leavers day, like every other school in the area.

Oh well, as I'm a sentimental person, I've decided to post some photos for you guys to see... yay

Science will never be the same - thankyou for everything 11AB1

Creepin' on the boyssss

Love my Emily

One of my favourite teachers - thankyou for believing in me

My drama girls<3

Leavers Book!

R.E. Partners in crime

Lisa, Millie & I

Lucy-loo & I


You can't stop the march

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