Monday, 24 June 2013

Recent Purchases..

Within this last month, it has been no stop havoc trying to fit everything in as it's been the last few exams, leavers day & PROM! - which I will do a post on in the next couple of days. So over the month, I've been busy buying things to help me prepare for my prom pampering build up, so lets have a little look at what I've bought/been given :)

Sorry about the lack of decent quality
Bobbi Brown 'Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara - in Black': I was given this product after my Prom makeup trial as the artist works for Bobbi Brown (and is also my friends auntie.) She gave me this product so I was able to top up my mascara throughout the evening, which I thought was lovely of her :) It works really well with my lashes and really did intensify my lashes!

Left: Bobbi Brown 'Long-Wear Finish Foundation - in Warm Beige'
Right: Bobbi Brown 'Skin Foundation - in Beige'
Again, I was given these sample foundations at my makeup trial, to be able to wear with my tan, as I had recently had a spray tan for prom and I didn't have an foundation that matched as I'm quite pale. But nonetheless, both these foundations have amazing coverage and don't give off a 'cakey' effect on your face. However, these foundations cost £30 each, when bought online/in store, which, seems a lot, if you don't usually buy high end makeup. I still highly recommend.

Left: Bobbi Brown 'Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser' 
Right: Bobbi Brown 'Buffing Grains for Face'
I was given these samples in store by my makeup artist to use before I had my spray tan to get rid of any oils and dead skin I had on my face/neck. All in all, definitely two of the best combinations of exfoliators I have ever used! And they leave my skin feeling super soft. Both of theses cost £19.99 and I highly recommend purchasing.

Soap & Glory: 'The Daily Smooth, Dry Skin Formula Body Butter' 
Literally the second I smelt this I went and bought it as I adore the smell of Cocoa Butter. I use this product on my hand, elbows, knees and heels and it always leaves my skin feeling super soft. The 50ml only cost £2.50 from Boots, which I thought was a complete bargain, especially as the 250ml costs £9.

Soap & Glory: 'Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em Body Buff' I bought this to exfoliate with & it was the best decision ever. It took off all the dead skin and left my skin feeling fresh and amazing. Again, this was around £2.50 from Boots. Highly recommend purchasing if you don't already own!

Nair Bikini & Underarm Glide-On Hair Remover: I bought this on a spontaneous moment as it was on offer in Asda and I thought I'd try it out. Long story short, it's a really good hair remover & it did basically everything it said it would on the bottle.

Apologizes on the quality again
Bourjois Paris 'Effect 3D Lipgloss in 20 - Rose Symphonic': I was told by the makeup artist that I needed a pink/natural sparkly lip gloss & to my surprise, I didn't have one! So the day before prom, I was in town looking for one and I stumbled across this one. It smells a little bit like them Frazzlers sweets, so of course I had to buy it - with my mum's money of course hahaha ;)

Batiste Dry Shampoo in 'Flory & Fruity Blush': I haven't actually used this product yet, but after reading some reviews online & hearing beauty Youtubers rave about it. I'm so excited to use it. I'll get back to you on this one.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula: I cannot rave enough, about how much I love the smell of this! It it utterly gorgeous and works wonders on my skin. I apply this to my heels, knees and elbows after my daily shower and it always makes them feel super soft. I recommend you go buy this now if you don't already own a bottle!

Impulse 'Very Pink' Body Fragrance: Now, I didn't actually buy this. I was given it as a Christmas present last year & I've only just found the set again. It came in a set of three, which included 'Tease' & 'Into Glamour'. All three fragrances smell summery and fruity and I can't wait to wear them all throughout my summer months

So there was a little look into a few purchases/finds over the month & I hope you enjoyed reading this.. If you want a more indepth review on any of the products above or if you have any recommendations for me, just leave a little comment below :)

Until next time,

- Katie. x


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