Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Social Gathering #1

This summer, I've decided I'm going to attend as many social events as I can. And each time I attend, I'm going to blog about it. So let's start of with the first social event of the summer, Steve's Hawaiian Party, last Saturday night.

It was an absolute success! So many of my close/good friends together in one area. Some of them I hadn't seen since Prom, so it was really nice. I drank so much that evening, the most I've ever drunk in my life.. Yet I didn't wake up with a hangover... wheeerry!
I do remember saying some twatish things to people, but ooopps, oh well.

In general, the party was just an absolute success & only one person threw up, so a very good 9/10!

My girls are the greatest

Lucy-Lu & I

Gregers & I

My gorgeous Tasha

A very drunken best friend

Benny Boy

Drunken Holz & Clo

I'm going to try and post as much as I can the next few days, as Monday I'm off to Cornwall with NCS, So I won't be able to blog whilst I'm away. It's a 4 week project, so I'll do a main post on it when I've come back on August 16th... I'll be able to post in the evenings & weekends of the 3rd & 4th week. So I'll be able to do my 'My Week Away Summer Essentials' on the 27/28th of this month.

Until next time,

- Katie. x

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