Tuesday, 27 August 2013

National Citizen Service: 4 Week Programme - Week 1.

This post is long overdue and I am so terribly sorry about that...
So let's just get started!

From July 22nd to August 16th have been the best 4 weeks of my life! I have experienced many different things and made so many new friends it has actually been unreal. Definitely my highlight of the summer!

Week 1: Exeter!

The first week of the course was residential, so that meant a week away in Exeter with some amazing people! The only people I really knew where my group and the people from school on the course. We stayed in Exeter University Student Accommodation and it was absolutely lovely! The first week consisted of team building activities and getting to know each other. The first group activity was a high ropes course, for me this was absolutely terrifying. I have a major phobia of heights, but thankfully, my whole group supported me throughout & I've now (hopefully overcome my fear of heights yay!)

Tuesday consisted of Coasteering, which is basically, throwing yourself off of quite high cliffs! I completed 4/5 of the cliffs we did. So I'm beyond proud of myself! I almost had a slight panic attack at the 3rd cliff, but nonetheless, I gained the courage to actually push myself off. Then in the evening, we celebrated with a football match! I sat on the sidelines as I have a strong hate towards the game, haha. I also found out this day that wetsuits are not my friend and they only set out to injure me.

Wednesday consisted of Kayaking & Canoeing. It was definitely an enjoyable experience! I got to know Nat & Lewis a bit better throughout this activity, and they're both such nice lads awh. After we learnt how to Kayak, we took a turn at Canoeing; most definitely a lot easier than Kayaking! That really does test your upper body strength! Anyway, the Canoeing was great as half way through we decided to make this massive vessel, and the 4 heaviest had to actually paddle the boat, whereas the 4 lightest got to sit in the middle doing absolutely nothing. I pleastenly enjoyed that ;). I managed to make it the whole 4/5 hours without capsizing until: Lewis capsized the boat, Ben pushed me and the boat back in & Nat pushing me in once helping me out! grrrr. Then in the evening, we had a campfire at a local forest.

Thursday was our last full day in Exeter, so we spent it Surfing in Bude. We spent & an hour & a half travelling down to Cornwall with Group 4, to learn how to Surf. I've never been so excited in all my life because I've always wanted to learn how to surf, so given the chance, I lapped it up! It was pretty difficult at first, but otherwise it was definitely very enjoyable! To celebrate our last night in Exeter, we went back to the forest to have another campfire! This was such a lovely and friendly way to end our first week away together.

Friday was our last day in Exeter, which just really consisted of hanging around waiting to go home, which then we had to endure the most stressful 4 hours home in a cramped up mini bus. I'm telling you now, that was not fun!
But after our 4 hour journey home, mum decided to treat me to a cute little garden centre lunch :-)

So overall Week 1 was an absolute success! Even if I did make a few enemies along the way..


This wetsuit causes many a rash burns


Cornwall, Bude

The aftermath of mum's trainers..

I've decided to do a 3 part on this, otherwise it would just be a never ending essay & noone want to read that. So week 2 will appear in a couple of days time... Sorry it's taken me so long to update ahhhhh!


Until next time,

 - Katie. x

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  1. Glas week 1 was a success, loved the post and i look forward to more xoxo