Monday, 2 September 2013

National Citizen Service: 4 Week Programme - Week 2.

And once again do I forget to update! I'm sorry guys, I've been so busy preparing for college starting in Wednesday, I've completely forgotten! But now I'm back, so lets start :)

Week 2: Southampton University!

So second week we stayed in Southampton Solent University to have an idea of a 'student lifestyle'. Basically we got given a certain amount of money a day to budget for food for 14 people, other than that, we were free to roam around as we liked woo. But everyday we had to travel to Brockenhurst to do some sort of 'presentation skills' to give us a refresher on everything. Monday was definitely the most hectic day, we were at Brock for 8 hours as we lost 4 people from the course, due to violent outbursts and threatening behaviour. But it was alright, as it was a nice hot day as we just sat on the football pitch and played around with water pistols oh the joy. After 8 eventful hours, we finally endured to Asda to do our first budget shop, this was interesting to say the least. A herd of bright, Orange shirts running around aha. Beth & Tiff then cooked Tuna Pasta Bake for us, which was so so so nice mmm.

Tuesday consisted of yet another argument, which is not surprise, our group is just a hot mess when it comes to decisions. We had to do a presentation on 'Wildlife at Brock' to refresh on our presentation skills, considering a lot of us hadn't used them since before May. Then we just spent time lounging around until it was time to go to Asda to shop again woo. However, having to avoid Nat & Lewis around Asda with a water pistol wasn't fun. Me & Beth then ditched our group to get Mcflurries from McDonalds haha. After dinner, Greg had gotten Zombieland for us to watch, so a few of us stayed up to watch that until bed.

Wednesday was a good day, as no arguments happened woo! But anyway, we got given an hour lecture by a photographer and then we had a challenge of making a photo diary of Brockenhurst. Basically we took a few photos of the areas around Brock & then presented them back to another group, explaining why we took them. Then we had a BBQ for lunch which was great, as it was my only BBQ of the summer. After that my group lazed around for a couple of hours whilst the other 2 groups did their presentations, then we all went to Asda to do more shopping yay! My group thought it would be a good idea to try and get me to cook, which was stupid as somehow I managed to use the blunt edge of the knife to cut a tomato.. WTF Katie!? I'm useless at times. Then I went and played some pool with Tasha, Ellie, Meg, Amie, Oli & Nat, Lewis & Tiff joined us after that. I left the pool room early and walked back with Ben, who was so nice awh bless him. Then it was time for bed siggggh.

Thursday was our last full day on residential, which was sad as I loved residential, cos I got really bored throughout the weekend without anyone else there. Anyway, Thursday consisted of an early morning trip to Asda to get Lewis a cake & a card, as it was his 18th the Friday. Otherwise, we then continued to Brock to do a final presentation piece for the week. Me & a few others wandered into Brock to interview some locals about volunteer work. I then ended up getting involved in yet another water fight with Lewis & Nat, urgh boys. We were allowed to order takeaway as it was our last night at the Uni, so we got Pizza Hut ordered to us & it was the best decision we've ever made as a group. Then a few of us sat around outside talking, but then we came in to watch Ted with a few others.

Friday was our last day on the residential part, which made everyone quite sad. We celebrated Lewis' 18th at Brock, we gave him is cake and all sang happy birthday to him awh, adorable. But literally after that, we just spent the 8 hours doing nothing as there really was nothing to do, apart from laze around. So it was a nice end the residential part of the course :-)

Mug shot Meg

Me & Beth

Night 1's shopping

Beth & Tiff

Sideways me & Beth

Hard at work guys?

Brock Village

Ellie, Meg & Tasha

Stalked by group 3...

Beth, Greg & I

Tired Ben?

Me & Livvi 

Happy 18th Lewis!

Sorry it's taken me so long to do this post, I'll try to do the next 2 weeks before I start college, but if not, they'll both be up by the end of the week!

Until next time,

- Katie. x

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