Saturday, 22 February 2014

Everyone Loves A Beauty Buy

After many weeks of being missing in action, I can finally say I'm back! Yay! I've also managed to find a camera.. it's not mine.. it's my mum's. So I'm just going to have to be really sneaky when I use it because she doesn't know about my blog. (oops?) So without any further adieu, let's get straight in!

What's happened to my lighting!? Why is it so dark?!
My long awaited trip into town was due to my little sister wanting to go into Lush. How I love Lush *insert heart eyes emoji* My sister grabbed a 'dragons egg' bath bomb and a 'Mask of Mahogany' face mask. I'll keep the pot once she's finished with it, purely so I can take advantage of the recycling scheme they do. (Who wouldn't) I decided to purchase a 'Fizzbanger' bath bomb and I'm so ecstatic to use this as it smells like rainbows and sweet stuff mmm.

After Lush, we made our way towards Boots. Thankfully they were doing a 3 for 2 offer and who can resist one of them! Obviously not me. I ended up getting 5 things in Boots. 4 I paid for, the other mum did hehe. The first thing I picked up was a pack of 52 clear hair elastics so I could use them for hair styles such as 'fishbraids', 'halo braids' etc etc.

The next thing was a 'Lee Stafford DeHumidifier hair spray'. This was £1.99 as it's only 50ml bottle, but when I read that it keeps straight hair from hardly frizzing, I had to try it out. My hair might be naturally dead straight anyway. Doesn't mean I can't take advantage of products like this one!

The next 3 things were all part of the '3 for 2' offer. The first thing was a 'Real Techniques Blush Brush' and oh my word, it is so freaking soft! I'm actually so surprised with how soft it is! *insert heart eyes emoji* I'm beyond tempted now to run back out to the shops and buy every single Real Techniques brush within existence! But obviously for financial reasons.. I can't :(

Everyone and their dog has been raving about this lipstick in the blogging/YouTube community, which obviously led me to buying one *shame on YouTube* I purchased the L'OREAL Paris Collection Privee 'Doutzen's Nude' which is such a lovely light pink shade and it's so so sheer.

The last thing from the '3 for 2' offer was my Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner in 'Pink/Rose'/ I've only just recently started getting into lip-liners, so when I found this, I snatached it right up!

I'm sorry I didn't even have a clue on how to photograph this!
From Boots we made our way into John Lewis. Yet the first thing I ran to was the MAC counter.. but as of yet, I haven't bought anything *quietly sobs in a corner* so we headed over to the Estee Lauder stand. My mum has a friend who works there so we asked if she could colour match me. We tried two different ones till we found my shade in the 'Double Wear' collection. We first tried 'Ivory Rose' which did match my skin tone, but we decided it was more a summer shade for when my skin is naturally slightly dark. Then we eventually decided on 'Shell' as it's the lightest colour in the Double Wear collection and it felt really matte and smooth on my skin. 

As we purchased this the lady threw in a 'Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara - 01 Extreme Black' as a little sample and a thank-you for purchasing. I'm still yet to use my 'Chanel' sample mascara I got for Christmas.. So I'll use them both and then do a review on both. It only seems fair to you.

Once again, I'm so sorry I've been gone for a while and haven't updated. I hope this post makes up for it until I'm back in the swing of things!

Until next time,

- Katie.x

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