Thursday, 3 April 2014

What's In My Bag?

I must be the worst person when it comes to being consistent and I apologise deeply for this. I've been absent for a few weeks I know, but I blame this purely on College, it's been a literal pain my side these last couple of weeks due to Mock exams and my practical Drama exam Tuesday. But now that's over and done with, I can finally concentrate on my blog as it's the Easter Holidays next week & Study Leave a couple weeks after, hooray! Now on to the post..

Since telling mum I needed a new bag as my good, old trustworthy Kipling bag is getting kind of tatty and faded. I came home from College one day to find a package on my bed, and considering I hadn't ordered anything, I was quite sceptical about it. But upon opening it, it was one of the most gorgeous satchels I've ever seen.

So since I've now got this beautiful Coral coloured River Island Satchel, I thought I'd show you guys what I keep in my bag :)

I'm also one of these girls that also carry way too much in my bag, so it can become quite cramped, quite quickly. Even though the bag looks quite small, it's actually so spacious and I love it. The bag has poppers to open and close it, which makes it so easy to access - could also be a downside I suppose hmmm. I love how it come with a hand strap and a much longer one so it can be used as a shoulder bag or you can just hold it usually! Considering I only use the bag for when I go out with family/friends etc, it is never really completely full. For College I use a backpack!

I usually just keep my umbrella and purse, both from Jane Norman in the big pocket as it's easier to find them. My iPod charger usually comes with me on long journeys or when I go to my friends. It isn't actually an Apple charger, I got it for Christmas from Asda for £10, I'm on my third one now. Admittedly I don't take great care of it aha.

Also in the big pocket I keep a small body spray - no one likes to smell bad. A lipgloss as usually by after mid-day my lip colour has worn off and I hate having to reapply. I also keep a comb and hair scrunchie as when your hair is as long as mine, you need to brush out knots before putting it up, especially if it's been windy before hand. The last thing I usually put in the big pocket is my car key as recently I bought my very first car! I haven't passed just yet, but anytime mum says let's go driving, I usually drive.

In the smaller pocket at the front, I'll usually just keep small essentials such as Paracetamol, a pen, a compact mirror, a Baby Lips and my Revlon ColourBurst in 105. I am aware I carry way too many lip products in my bag, but a girl can never be spoilt for choice of colour. 

And lastly in the front pocket I keep Vaseline - surprise surprise. A handful of hairpins for when I've styled my hair, a key chain from the local College - which I don't actually attend... A list of the days/dates I'm next working :( &  my lovely house key. I got the keychain on holiday back in 2012.

I hope you enjoyed a little snoop into what I keep in my bag, not extremely exciting I know. I just love the bag and the colour of it so so much. Let me know what you guys keep in your bags, I'm forever interested to see!

Is your bag as filled as mine!?

Until next time,
- Katie. X

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