Friday, 15 August 2014

Clothing & Things Galore!

As promised, here is a little haul from today's shopping spree

One of the first shops I went into was Primark and picked up a few lovely things.

Gryffindor Top: I picked this up for £6 and it's just a baggy cotton top with a Gryffindor graphic on the front of it.

Pepsi Jumper: I don't actually own any jumpers, it's hoodies or nothing. It's just plain white with a 'Pepsi' logo embellished on it with a fluffy inside lining to keep you nice and snug in the winter just £10.

Blue Lace Strappy Top: Just a dark-ish blue strappy top with lace trim around the top that will be lovely to go under jumpers and shirts at college in the winter. 

White Jewelled Trim Top: The material of is kind of see through, but it's not so problematic you have to wear something underneath. It has flowered jewels around the neck line with chiffon material on the shoulders. It also has 2 small slits up each side of the top. Definitely worth the £8 price tag.

And finally I picked up a Black Cami Dress to wear underneath a black chiffon dress which is almost completely see through. So paying £3 for this helps me keep my dignity and lets me wear the amazing dress!

We then ventured into Lush...

Melting Marshmallow Moment: I'm not even exaggerating when I say it smells like sweets. It smells absolutely beautiful! I'm so excited to use this in my next baths.

Butterball Bath Bomb: This little ball of joy smells exactly like cocoa butter and it's so good for your skin.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask: I bought this mostly as the lady recommended this to me to help my combination skin. Mostly as the blueberries help balance out our natural oils in our skin which is good.  

We finally then wandered into Boots because you can never have too much makeup.

Loreal Paris - True Match: I only own one Loreal product and due to my current Rimmel foundation making me orange, I decided to swap it up for a slightly more pricey drugstore foundation. I picked up Rose Ivory costing £9.99.

Collection Perfection Lasting Concealer: I'm pretty sure this is everyone's holy grail when it comes to concealer as it really does work! I again picked up the colour 'Fair 1'.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo: I already own one of these and I use it to absolute death so I decided to get Eternal Gold. It's such a pretty shade as well!

I also got a new Batiste Dry Shampoo as I'm running low and it was on offer! Wooo!

After weeks of procrastinating against it (more like until I got my results...) I bought Hitler by Sir Ian Kershaw I need to read this and many more before the Summer ends for my A2 History coursework. I'm so not looking forward to starting that with only 6 months to do it in. That thought terrifies me!

Once again, I'm so sorry for my lack of regular posting, but I have explained why in my last post, so check that if you want too :)
I should hopefully upload again soon in the next couple of days, so bare with me.

Until next time,

- Katie.x

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